Friday, July 16, 2010

Land of the Green Ginger

Hola, what do you think about Land of the Green Ginger, by Noel Langley? In this quirky novel, Aladdin is now the Emperor of China. He has a son, who talks much too much for his own good. As always, Aladdin's genie in the lamp tells Abu Ali (the son...) that he has to find the Land of the Green Ginger and turn the magician there back into his human form. (Since he accidentally turned himself into a Button-Nosed Tortoise.) Along the way, Abu Ali meets the girl of his dreams and competes with the two other ridiculous suitors for her hand in marriage. This book is very entertaining, while giving you the strange sensation of looking in on some other person's dream. In all, it is a good departure from the usual "knight in shining armor" story. Three and a half stars!

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