Monday, May 31, 2010


Hola...... Savvy, by Ingrid Law is my next pick. So there is this girl, Mibs Beaumont, who lives in the middle of nowhere with the rest of her family. Except, they're not a normal family. Mibs' brothers can whip-up storms and create electricity. And it's not just them, when any member of her family turns 13, they get a......lets say, super-power. As Mibs' 13th birthday approaches, she digs herself into a metaphorical pit, and it's rather deep. With spunk and charm, you go on a somewhat painful adventure with Mibs and her crew. It's written in an accent, which personally, turns me off of most books. But here, it just adds to the enchanting theme of the book. Three and a half stars.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Penderwicks

Hola! One of my favorite books is The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall. In it, four sisters, Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty, and their loving father, Martin, go on vacation to a place called Arundel in the Berkshires. There they meet a boy with, lets say, some problems. The Penderwick sisters help sort out Jeffrey's issues while getting into more trouble themselves. All in all, it is the type of feel-good book that you could read over and over and not get bored of. Four stars!

Pandora Gets Jealous

Hola! What do you think about Pandora Gets Jealous? (It's by Carolyn Hennesy,) Okay, I have to admit that yes, this is a girl book, so boys of the world, you can skip this one. And yes, is is also about the Greeks. This is a modern story of Pandora's Box. (Well, it was a jar, but whatever!) But it's not in like L.A. or something, no, its in ancient Athens, and the story is really a fresh look at it. Thirteen-year-old Pandora opens the box, but it was accident! Well, unfortunately, the gods aren't that forgiving and give her six months to return all of the evils to the box, easier said than done. With the help of her friends, Pandy cleans up the mess she got herself into. (PS, there are three more: Pandora gets Vain, Pandora Gets Lazy, and Pandora Gets Heart.) In all, it's really good! Four stars!

City of Fire

Hola, City of Fire by Laurence Yep is my next book. It is set in some sort of mythological San Francisco, (my home-town!) meaning that people see and understand many types of creatures, including: griffins, dragons, gods, air spirits, and many more. In this book, a twelve-year-old girl named Scirye sets out on a mission to avenge her sister and take back what was stolen from her people by a power hungry dragon and mysterious Mr. Roland. Accompanied by Leech, an unknowingly powerful boy, Koko, his sketchy companion, and Bayang, a dragon in disguise. If you are interested in books that are slightly confusing and very fantastical, City of Fire is awesome. (Personally, I like magical and confusing books, so I loved it.) Four stars! (By the way, I love the cover art!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Name of this Book is Secret

Hola! So, today I went to the Mills College graduation. And guess who was there, Nancy Pelosi, and she had this fifteen minute speech, that was actually kind of cool. But anyway, my mom wanted me to write that. I'm thinking The Name of This Book is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch. Ok, even though I have the book signed by the author to me, I really don't like it. It was slightly scary, so I stopped reading it. The concept is disturbing, too. Max-Ernst and Cass are investigating a dead magician, and come across so very...... interesting secrets. In other words, if you are as wimpy as I am, don't read it. Half a star.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Golden Hour

Hola! I am in the mood to write. (If you are observant, you may have noticed that my last post was thirty seconds ago.) I'm thinking The Golden Hour, Maiya Williams. This is a good book, although the characters are not as developed as I would like, but not every book is perfect. In this book, Rowan and Nina Popplewell move to Owatannauk, Maine, to live with their aunts. Soon, buried within the small town, where the advertised population is 104, there is a grand secret. (so cliché!) With time as their opponent, Rowan, Nina, and their new friends are starting a dangerous game, in some not-very-familiar settings. With heart, adventure, and wit, it stands solid in the world of books. three and a half stars!

The Alchemyst

Hola... so, I've decided to review a book that isn't great, but thats what's reviewing, right? Ok, The Alchemyst, by Micheal Scot. Before I even started it I was totally turned off because it was a knockoff of Harry Potter, which was GREAT! In The Alchemyst Nicholas Flamel, Sophie and Josh, and a myriad of other interesting characters fight evil, of course! Many people, not all humans, are all in favor of seeing the Dark Elders come back and rule the world. This is the time of humani, (not a typo...) but there are forces formerly worshipped and feared as gods and demons, and some of them want to come back. I would say that it is very strange, slightly disturbing, and amazingly frustrating. You know when characters, (TV, book, movie, etc.) do things that you really don't want them to do? Well, that happens ALOT! So, if you are inclined to yell at your book, TV, movie, etc. then I would recommend another book. Two stars.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dragon Slippers

Hola, I've decided that Dragon Slippers by Jessica George, is the next book I'm reviewing. It is an interesting book, sure to keep you reading, but with a sinister underlying note. There is a country girl named Creel, and her aunt is a little... well, strange? Creel lives in a rather poor family and her aunt wants money, so she decides to give Creel to the dragon that lives near their village. Of course, nothing goes as planned, but it leaves Creel with a pair of special slippers and a huge problem. I would really recommend Dragon Slippers, although, to you boys out there, probably not. It a really interesting book, and who doesn't love sequels?! (Dragon Flight, Dragon Spear) 4 stars! Keep reading!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Red Pyramid

HOLA!!! OH MY GODZ! Rick Riordan came out with a new book! (my favorite author of all time!) The Red Pyramid is hypnotizing! The combination of wit, humor, and mythology performs magic! Carter and Sadie Kane find themselves woven into a problem that has been around for millenia, the conflict between gods and magicians. And the underlying threat of chaos coming to full power. This kind of book is why I read! I am waiting with baited breath for the next book! (which will probably make the wait feel like years!) Even if the Greeks are the awesomest civilization of all time, Egypt is pretty cool too. 4 stars! Keep reading!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Hola! At the moment, I am reading The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, by Jacquenile Kelly.So far, it is a good book. (meaning I haven't finished it...) The plot is about a girl who studies nature with her grandfather but is rundown with girl chores. It is better that it sounds. Her numerous brothers liven up the story and Callie Vee has some strong opinions. The story isn't too exciting, and the plot jumps around like crazy, but if you want to read a book that DEFINITELY won't scare you, check out The Evolution of Calpurinia Tate. Three stars.