Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children of the Lamp, the Akhenaten Adventures

Hola. Children of the Lamp, The Akhenaten Adventures, by P. B. Kerr. In this book, two kids, John and Philipa Gaunt—some rather rich, claustrophobic, and interesting twins get their wisdom teeth pulled. During this normal event, the children both have the same dream in which they meet their eccentric uncle, Nimrod and play a dice game with him. In the dream, Nimrod tells them to go to London for the summer to meet him. After the tooth pulling, the kids have strange things happen. They both grow enormous amounts, Philipa seems to be able to grant wishes, and there is a crack in John's wall that exactly matches one in Cairo, Egypt. Then, Uncle Nimrod tells them they are from an ancient line of djinn, and the real adventure starts. I liked this book, although it was a little strange. I just realized that there are like five books in the series, so I better get reading! Three stars.

Pendragon, Book One: The Merchant of Death

HO-LA. So, I think that I am going to write about Pendragon Book One: The Merchant of Death. It's by DJ MacHale, and I actually met him once, (He was super cool!), but I hadn't read any of his books at the time. Well, it's about a boy named Bobby Pendragon, who just so happens to be a Traveler! Meaning: he is one of the few people that can travel the flumes in between territories. I know, super confusing, but it's really complicated! There are 10 territories—think of them as planets that you can get to by going through tunnels through time and space. Fun! Each territory is going to have a turning point in its history, determining if there will be peace or chaos. And it is the Travelers job to see that the territories go the peaceful way. But of course, things are never that simple. Saint Dane, the shape shifting, power hungry, rather insane Traveler is ready to destroy all of the territories. All so that he can pick up the pieces and create a new place, ruled, (DUH!) by Saint Dane. So far I am on the sixth book and they are AMAZING! If, so far, you agree with my ratings for books, them you will adore the Pendragon series!!! Four and a half stars!!!