Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tortall and Other Lands, a Collection of Tales

Hola... I have been reading as much as possible! Tortall and Other Lands, a Collection of Tales is by Tamora Pierce. These eleven short stories concern a myriad of different topics, from continuations of her previous fantasy books to modern, more realistic stories. I will tell you about my two favorites and two least-favorites. Bad first. Nawat is the story of a half-man and half-crow being, who is shunned for his humanity. Huntress is the other one. It is about a girl whose family worships old gods, and tries to fit in at school (I know, it even sounds weird). Both of these stories are strange, with boring characters and lame plots, I can't give you a full report because I didn't finish either. Half stars each. My two favorites were The Dragon's Tale and Plain Magic. The first was about what happens to Daine's dragon "Kitten", after the series, The Immortals (As seen in Wild Magic, a previous blog), ends. The latter is about a peddler who visits a village that is being attacked by a dragon, and saves an unfortunate girl. Although I will admit that all of the stories lack Pierce's usual charm, they were good and entertaining. (It was also nice to know what happened to the characters in Wild Magic. I give each three stars.

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