Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hola. By Eoin Colfer (I wonder how you pronounce his first name...), Airman. Conor Broekhart calls the Saltee Islands home. He lives a privileged life, good friends with the king, a close relationship with his daughter (Isabella), and taught by a master of flight, Conor's own love. However, when he unearths a plot against the royal family, Conor gets a little too deep. He is soon branded a traitor and thrown into Little Saltee, an infamous prison. He has to escape the jail's torturous lifestyle and help Isabella uncover the truth. But first, he must fly. Sorry, not a fan. The beginning was good, descriptive with some action, but when he gets thrown in jail, it's horrible. It turns tedious and weird. I really don't understand the Battering Rams thing. And the blatant evilness of the bad-guy is lame (No names, spoilers!). He thinks about what he is doing and consciously agrees with the author that he is a terrible person. Okay, I'll admit, I didn't finish it, which is why it gets half a star.

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