Monday, September 26, 2011


Hola, new book: Between, by Jessica Warman. After her eighteenth birthday party on a boat with her closest friends, something about Elizabeth Valchar happens; she dies. But when she doesn't move on, staying in our world as a ghost (type-thing), she knows something is not right. While she observes her family and argues with her now only friend, she can't help but notice that nobody is what they seem, least of all herself. I accidentally lied in Lola and the Boy Next Door, this is the hands down most teenage-booky piece of literature I will ever read. Liz's boyfriend is a freaking drug-dealer! The characters are all horrible people, (Maybe except for Alex...) and it was really confusing to read a book where the main character barely knows anything about herself. It is also a little late for Liz to have an epiphany about her personality, she is dead, after all, can't change much now! It was a chore to read, but I did finish it. One star.

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