Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bridge to Neverland

Hola...Okay, it has been a month, I have just no time perception. So, the Bridge to Neverland is by, once again, Dave Barry and Ridely Pearson. Aidan and Sarah and two completely average teenager siblings, complete with extreme curiosity. When they discover what seems to be a clue to some great mystery, of course they are intrigued. While following the hints, Sarah and Aidan trek throughout England and the United States, all on a fleeting Peter Pan reference. Will the trail end without an answer or will the finale be as thrilling as the journey? Okay, this book was fine, other than the fact that these kids ran away from home to hunt down some ramdom clues. Teenage inaccuracies aside, I only had two problems with this book. One: the seemed to be a lot of product placement. And two: it was a spinoff of another series to make the first one seem more realistic. The book on its own was fine, but was sort of ruining the Peter and the Starcatchers books for me. Other than that, it was entertaining and well-written. Three stars.

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