Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children of the Lamp, the Akhenaten Adventures

Hola. Children of the Lamp, The Akhenaten Adventures, by P. B. Kerr. In this book, two kids, John and Philipa Gaunt—some rather rich, claustrophobic, and interesting twins get their wisdom teeth pulled. During this normal event, the children both have the same dream in which they meet their eccentric uncle, Nimrod and play a dice game with him. In the dream, Nimrod tells them to go to London for the summer to meet him. After the tooth pulling, the kids have strange things happen. They both grow enormous amounts, Philipa seems to be able to grant wishes, and there is a crack in John's wall that exactly matches one in Cairo, Egypt. Then, Uncle Nimrod tells them they are from an ancient line of djinn, and the real adventure starts. I liked this book, although it was a little strange. I just realized that there are like five books in the series, so I better get reading! Three stars.


  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! GO JOHN AND PHILIPA!!! i give this book 4 stars

  2. the third book is the best. I just realized that the books are in alphabetical order.

    Akhenaten Adventure
    Blue Djin of Babylon
    Cobra king of Kathmandu
    Day of the Djin warriors
    Eye of the Forest

    (and yes, I know them from memory, that's how much of a fan I am)

  3. I just checked out the third annd fourth books from the library... I can't wait to see what happens!