Monday, August 16, 2010

Dealing with Dragons

HOLA! The next book is by Patricia C. Wrede's Dealing with Dragons. This book is a twist on the usual knight-in-shining-armor story. Cimorene is not your typical princess, she takes secret lessons from her various teachers in subjects that are not "proper" for a princess. She also thinks that getting married sounds horrible, but that is exactly what her parents have in mind for her. So taking her best crown and some hankerchiefs, she runs away to become a dragon's princess. This book really kept my attention, Cimorene has such a real and likable personality. She is sometimes makes mistakes, but they are understandable, and her bravery makes up for it. My only complaint is that as the story goes on, some characters get left out, I wanted to know what happened to Ailanora and the Stone Prince—unfair! But for this particular book, I give it three stars!


  1. there are three sequels to this book. the third is my personal favorite and the first is great to! the fourth book is definitely a letdown. i found it boring and hard to stay interested in. overall i give the series 3 and a half stars (maybe 4)

  2. I liked the series, but I wanted to know what happened to the stone prince!!!!