Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hola! Runemarks, by Joeann Harris. This is a rather odd book about a girl named Maddy. In the world she lives in, some people have "rune marks", symbols that give you the power to perform magic. The thing is, many people think that it is a curse. Specifically the Order, an organization of priests with seemingly sketchy intentions. Maddy grew up unwanted, so when a strange man called One-eye befriends her, she is delighted. One-eye visits her once a year, doing mysterious things when he is not with her. Meanwhile all around Maddy, the world is changing. Beings who are just myths and legends come to power. With such drastic changes in her life, who can she trust? And more importantly, who is everyone? Who is she? Runemarks has a very strange but excitingly twisting plot. It is about characters like Thor and Loki, who are legendary but who most people aren't familiar with, which creates a strange effect. In all, it deserves three and a half stars.


  1. I love this blog! Every time I am in need of a book recommendation I know exactly where to look!!!!!!!

  2. This book is good for back-round knowledge if you are reading Sea of Trolls..... *hint hint*