Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Dark Hills Divide

HO-LA! Don't you just LOVE the new setup? I do! Right now I am thinking about The Dark Hills Divide, by Patrick Carman. Alexa, the amazing heroine of this series, lives in a walled city, used to keep the monsters of the Dark Hills away. While in the city, she witnesses the death of her very good friend, Warvold. This is just the beginning of an interesting chain of events that results in Alexa discovering a secret that leads her far away, meeting some very strange characters, and trying to save the place she has always called home. I thought that these books where good for what they were. Not exactly the most challenging read, but still exciting enough to hunt down the next book in the series. If you ever find yourself at a loss for a book to read, (I hope not, I do this blog so you won't!) The Dark Hills Divide is worth your time. Three stars.