Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plain Kate

Hola... so I just read this book called Plain Kate, by Erin Bow, and I thought I would review it. Kate is a carver, and her skill is so great that she has earned herself the nickname "witch-blade", which isn't really a good thing. This is because in her town, the burn witches at the stake. Pleasant, yes? Well anyway, when her favorite person in the world is killed—her father— Kate has to fend for herself. One day a mysterious stranger comes with an even more mysterious proposition for Kate. Here is what I think about this book: Kate is exactly as she is described, plain. She has no personality and is really quite bland. This book has very dark undercurrents that push throughout the whole story but that don't stop it from feeling oddly disjointed. The only memorable characters are Taggle, the cat, and Linay, the stranger. In all, I didn't really enjoy this book much. Two stars.