Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forbidden Sea

Hola... Forbidden Sea, by Sheila Nielson. Adrianne is another one of her small island's many inhabitants. Working hard to pay for the food and clothing needed to support her family, Adrianne is a tough girl. But when her sister goes missing, she has to look for her, and she does, on a rock, in the ocean. Cecily, (The sister) comes back with tales of a beautiful mermaid that wanted only good to come onto their family. However, Adrianne thinks about it somewhat differently. She remembers the story of poor Lady Lauretta, convinced by a beautiful mermaid that she could marry the Sea Prince and live forever, she left, was never seen again, and was considered drown. Adrianne has enough problems to deal with without a malicious mermaid on her trail, though her tough exterior, can she even confront her past? This was a good book, Adrianne was a good character and Denn, (a friend) made me laugh. The story was interesting, a good eye-opener between legends and the truth, very entertaining. Three stars.

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