Saturday, November 27, 2010

Knightly Academy

HOLA! Happy Thanksgiving! (Sorry I haven't been writing!) Now it's up to Knightly Academy, by Violet Haberdasher. Henry is a servant, a commoner—but not at all stupid. He studies in secret and is a very hard worker. When the examiner from the prestigious school of Knightly Academy comes, he sits the entrance test. After passing the test with flying colours he is the first commoner ever accepted to the Academy. But trouble is afoot when deliberate sabotage impedes the boy's progress at school. Henry has to deal with the noble bullies that roam the halls, and find his mysterious enemy before he and his friends are expelled from Knightly. I really liked this, the characters were nice and funny and they were very realistic. The time period that it takes place in is rather conflicting, but it can be overlooked for the entertainment of the story. Not the most thrilling of reads but it should not be passed by. Three stars for Knightly Academy.