Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Door to Time

Hola! This book is bad for me, I already wrote this blog but then the computer spazzed and it got deleted. The Door to Time doesn't have an author (Weird!). Jason and Julia, both eleven, move from busy London to an almost empty town on the coast of England. Although they are twins, they couldn't be more different. Jason is a very observant dreamer, while Julia is athletic and adventurous. And the enormous house they move into seems to have some secrets. In this book, Jason and Julia explore Argo Manor (the house), question Ulysses Moore (the former owner), and discover the world through a single door. This book is for little kids. I would compare it to the Spiderwick Chronicles—the first book is like the first chapter. The kids are also outrageously smart, knowing things that no sane (I hesitate to say "teenager") would know. And they don't act British at all, a crime for the setting! Strange book, one and a half stars.

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