Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ring of Fire, Century Quartet Book 1

Hola. Happy (Belated) Independence Day! Ring of Fire, Century Quartet Book One, by P. D. Baccalario. A series of coincidences drive four kids to one hotel room, Ellettra, Harvey, Sheng, and Minstral. The only thing they seem to have in common is their unusual birthday, Leap Day. But when they go for a nighttime stroll, their world turns upside down. The road ahead is fraught with danger, mystery, and what seems to be magic, but can they all take the heat? This was kind of a weird book, it was kind of half murder mystery half mundane scavenger hunt. The characters were fine, nothing special. But Ellettra's abnormalities confuse me, isn't this supposed to be a scavenger hunt? And what about Hermit Devil?! Anyway, two and a half stars.

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