Sunday, November 6, 2011

Athena's Favorite Things

Hola! Welcome to Athena's Favorite Things, where I give you the KNOWLEDGE of five things that I like. (See, I was channeling Oprah but I don't think I can give you all cars...)

1. Blogs. (Because I am so outrageously tech savvy, I totally know how to name URLs!) This is The Best Funny Music Blog Ever, written by one of my friends, Alex. He is a very talented chap who I have been trying to make a YouTube channel, oh well. I can truthfully tell you that I died laughing while reading this.

2. YouTube! I happen to be a horrible YouTube addict. My favorite people include charlieisocoollike, nerimon, and communitychannel. I definitely recommend checking them out. 

3. Clothes? This is a secret, keep it on the down-low! TeeFury is the most magnificent website in the history of the world. Each day they have ONE t-shirt for ONE day, $10, and after that it is gone, so each day there is something new!

4. Music. Okay I admit to knowing next to nothing about music but for the fellow nerd I say check out Wizard Love on YouTube or iTunes for that matter. I may not love Meekakitty, though HeyHiHello is good and the song is hilarious.

5. Video Games... I am not saying I am some sort of Nintendo expert but, if you happen to have a DS I HIGHLY recommend any of the Professor Layton Saga. They are absolutely amazing games where you solve a mystery by completing rather difficult puzzles. It is incredibly addicting, one of those, "Oh my god, I have been playing this for four hours, and I didn't even notice!"

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