Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ender's Game

Hola. This was recommended to me by many people, and they were right. Ender's Game is by Orson Scott Card. In the future, the world will be on the brink of chaos and the military will be recruiting kindergartners. Ender is one such six-year-old, harassed by his pugnacious (Vocab word, ha!) brother and the bullies at school, he is not a happy child. But when Colonel Graff comes to collect Ender, more than just his safety is at risk. Humans are fighting a war against the buggers, insect-like aliens, and if we don't win soon, we never will. And the winning is up to Ender. This book is so complicated! Here is some advice: read the introduction last, it made me very confused. The author said the book had been ridiculed for being simple, straight forward. I had a hard time just figuring out if I liked Ender or not! Let alone if the rest of the people are good or bad. I really enjoyed this book, but I was disturbed by the fact that I was so confused. And there are some parts that are horrible, they add much to the story, but are still awful. And the ending was just odd. I really liked this book, but if you read it, be ready for a ride. Four stars!

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