Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Alchemyst

Hola... so, I've decided to review a book that isn't great, but thats what's reviewing, right? Ok, The Alchemyst, by Micheal Scot. Before I even started it I was totally turned off because it was a knockoff of Harry Potter, which was GREAT! In The Alchemyst Nicholas Flamel, Sophie and Josh, and a myriad of other interesting characters fight evil, of course! Many people, not all humans, are all in favor of seeing the Dark Elders come back and rule the world. This is the time of humani, (not a typo...) but there are forces formerly worshipped and feared as gods and demons, and some of them want to come back. I would say that it is very strange, slightly disturbing, and amazingly frustrating. You know when characters, (TV, book, movie, etc.) do things that you really don't want them to do? Well, that happens ALOT! So, if you are inclined to yell at your book, TV, movie, etc. then I would recommend another book. Two stars.

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