Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pandora Gets Jealous

Hola! What do you think about Pandora Gets Jealous? (It's by Carolyn Hennesy,) Okay, I have to admit that yes, this is a girl book, so boys of the world, you can skip this one. And yes, is is also about the Greeks. This is a modern story of Pandora's Box. (Well, it was a jar, but whatever!) But it's not in like L.A. or something, no, its in ancient Athens, and the story is really a fresh look at it. Thirteen-year-old Pandora opens the box, but it was accident! Well, unfortunately, the gods aren't that forgiving and give her six months to return all of the evils to the box, easier said than done. With the help of her friends, Pandy cleans up the mess she got herself into. (PS, there are three more: Pandora gets Vain, Pandora Gets Lazy, and Pandora Gets Heart.) In all, it's really good! Four stars!

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