Monday, February 6, 2012

The Key to Rondo

Hola! The Key to Rondo is by Emily Rodda. When steady, reliable Leo Langlander is willed an ancient music box, he intends to keep if safe. Even if the rules seem a bit strange he will follow them; only wind the box three times, don't wind it while the music is playing, and don't move the while the tune plays. However, Leo's stable life is set tumbling when his outcast cousin comes to visit. Mimi Langlander brings a new view to Leo's life, but also many more dangers. After I started reading this I realized it was targeted at younger children. The writing is that fake-descriptive that makes the story as straight-forward as possible. Rondo was also very odd. It seems to be a version of fairyland that had some not-very-original twists thrown in. The one thing that I liked was that Leo did think along the lines of a rational person. Mimi also revealed some depth by the end of this tale. Overall, completely mediocre. Two stars.

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