Sunday, February 19, 2012

Speaker for the Dead

Hola. Speaker for the Dead is the third Ender book, and that means it's, you guessed it, written by Orson Scott Card. Andrew Wiggin is now about three-thousand years old, but he only looks about thirty-five. Starship travel has kept him young, and The Hive Queen and the Hegemon have progressed to become one of the prominent religions. But the name "Ender" is now a curse, hated for the xenocide he committed. Andrew spends his years travelling the universe and Speaking for the Dead. When a call from a planet comes through that seems a bit different, Andrew is intrigued not only by the young girl who sent it, but by the unusual circumstances that surround the death. For a new and primitive race has been discovered, the piggies. This book was STRANGE. The story was very odd, and the characters portrayed in the way that only Card can, by making them so raw that while they do despicable things you still love them. This was very entertaining, but the end was incredibly disappointing. It made Ender seem far too human. I have the same words for all of Ender's books; amazing but almost disturbing. Four stars.

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